Table Tennis Techniques

Want to win at Table Tennis? Here are some playing techniques for you to use.

Been thinking. Competitive Table Tennis is largely "all in the head". Know what you are going to do before you go on the table and... To be honest, I am sad enough to keep "Cardfile" notes on most of my opponents. I list what works against them and what does not. Also I tend to play to certain patterns, rather like using chess openings.


I now see the following as the main “game" options for players with a quick, spinny bat.


1) All-Out LoopHit Attack. Very simple: Attack every ball! Attack your opponent’s serves. “3 ball attack” on serve. Ought to try this more often myself. Ultimate risk for ultimate possibilities.

2) Pushchop once, then loop. Push serve returns and first ball after serving. Of course, cannot be done if your opponent attacks immediately so you have to block or retrieve.

3) Pushchop 2,3,4 times before looping. More patient and perhaps too “regimented”, but worth a try occasionally.

4) Pushchop until ready to loophit. This is my current style, mainly. Patient, consistent but often hands initiative to opponent.

5) Push (or chop) and “Pick”. Dig in but look for chances to “Open Up” or kill. Essentially defensive play and may be better executed with a slow, anti-spin or LP bat.

6) Extreme Defence. Allpushchop with only a rare attack. Ultimate patience and reliance on mistakes from your opponent. May well have to chop from deep. Will have to block if brought in to the table.

7) Looped Lob defence, and variations. Start with fast topspin serve then stand back and lob. A possible ploy against anti-loop (aim for hisher BH). Good retrieving essential.

8) Eclectic Mixture of all the above and more. Just be careful not to confuse yourself more than your opponent. Keep himher guessing.

9) Others I’ve not thought of. Combination bats, anti-spin rubbers etc. require specialised games. Nuff Said.

Well That’s that for now. Nuff Said indeed! Sorry if this reads like a Chess manual, but sometimes I play a mean version of that game too. A regular league TT player will hopefully understand.



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